The Cellerciser:
The Perfect Exercise

People of all ages and sizes are enjoying the results of Cellercise – the zero-impact workout that burns over 700 calories per hour, melts fat, builds muscle and provides a long list of health-building benefits – including improved digestion, sleep, immunity, coordination, sleep and sex!

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Flex 75 trillion cells…
at the same time!

Typical exercise is limited to specific muscles or muscle groups. It works by applying weight on specific muscles or muscle groups, generally by lifting weight away from gravity. Cellercise works by increasing the weight of gravity on every cell of your body over 100 times per minute. That means every muscle, bone, ligament, tendon, connective tissue, even the collagen and skin. The whole body begins to grow stronger, leaner, and more toned from the inside out.

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Cellerciser Products

New 2014 Digitally Tuned Springs!


Balance Bar

The Balance Bar for the Cellerciser is a very popular accessory. It is adjustable to 3 different heights, breaks down for easy storage, and will fit in the Cellerciser’s carry bag. The Balance Bar will fit all models of the Cellerciser.

Cellercise The Ultimate Exercise Rebounding Workout DVD

David Hall shows you how to Cellercise and explains the benefits of his Cellercise program. Learn how to tone your body; improve balance, timing, dexterity, hand & eye coordination, strengthen muscles, and more in just 10 minutes a day.

Cellercise burns calories

  • 11x faster than walking
  • 3x faster than jogging

Watch this video and learn more.

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The Cellerciser Is The Perfect Exercise, Get Started Today