Cellercise With Constant Beat-Per-Minute Music

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A quick and easy way to add energy to your workout is to exercise to music. People like to build a playlist of songs that they like and have an up-beat tempo to listen to while they workout. Compile a list of your favorite, energizing songs and your are set for a high energy, calorie burning workout.

One problem, however, with simply putting together a list of songs you like is that they don’t all have the same tempo. It is natural to want to keep your pace on the Cellerciser in sync with the tempo of the music. But if you just have a random selection of songs playing, some songs may be too fast too keep up with while others may not have a tempo fast enough. So you aren’t getting the full benefit of the music.

A new approach that is less known but becoming very popular is to use constant beat-per-minute music to maintain a steady pace throughout your workout. Instead of an assortment of songs, you can get one long medley of songs that all maintain a constant tempo throughout your workout. There are CDs available that have constant beat-per-minute (BPM) mixes, but to get started you don’t need to spend any money. If you have the ability to download and play podcasts on your iPod (or other similar device) you should take a look at PodRunner. There you can download tons of free, audio podcasts for your workouts. To get started, look for some podcasts that are in the 120 – 130 BPM range. Gauge your fitness level and work your way up to faster tempos as you improve. This is a great way to add variety, and energy to your workout. If you haven’t ever used this type of music before, you will be surprised at how effective it is. There are several other Podcasts that focus on “exercise” music as well. So browse around iTunes and see what you can find. If you find something you like, leave a comment and let us know.

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