There are lots of rebounders; but only one Cellerciser®.

There are many brands of rebounders available.. some even look identical to the Cellerciser® (only from a distance!). With just a little looking, you’ll see the old adage “you get what you pay for” to ring especially true with rebounders. Simply put, units under $100 are dangerous. Do NOT use them. Units that cost a bit more will feel more substantial and sturdy – but the inferior quality shows through in the details (cracked composite frames, sagging mats, rusted springs, chipped paint). G-Force Health has tested every rebounder on the market… and only trusts Cellerciser®.

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Patented Auto-adjusting Springs

Most rebounders on the market use small tube springs or simple taper springs. Tube springs only place weight at each end of the spring and stretch very little, causing abrupt jarring to muscles and joints. These inferior products can have disastrous effects – nerve damage, knee injuries and back pain. Simple tapered springs can have a softer bounce; but, cannot adjust for the weight of the individual. For some, the bounce will be too soft, for others, too jarring. Rebounders made with bungies or rubber bands also miss the mark – they tend to stretch over time, promoting ankle and knee problems.

The Cellerciser’s® patented triple-tiered tapered spring barrel is the only spring that actually adjusts to the users weight and jump height. Its design allows the body to accelerate and decelerate smoothly as weight is first absorbed in the middle and then gradually dispersed through the tapered ends. It’s constructed of specially formulated high performance hi-carbon steel and is produced with precision on micro-computer auto-controlled machinery.

The Ultimate, Unparalleled Mat

Typical rebounders often use a canvas, nylon or plastic mat that can stretch, rot, or mildew. The inferior material, weave and stitching can cause the feet to sink or pronate toward the middle causing ankle problems, knee problems, and lower back problems. A stretchy mat can easily throw a person off at sharp angles and cause injury.

The Cellerciser® mat never stretches and always provides ultimate support – lifting users straight up regardless of the landing angles. Each polypropylene fiber in a Cellerciser® mat is put under nearly 200 tons of pressure and then through a 200 degree oil drum bath. It’s stitched together using the same stitching patterns of seat belts. The mat material is UV resistant and highly resistant to other elements, so you can leave it outside in the rain, snow or wind (in fact, Dave Hall has left his outside for over a decade!).

Steel, Steel and more Steel.

The Cellerciser® frame is constructed with 100% steel and will never crack. You’ll find no composite or plastic in the construction – the legs and hinges are even 100% steel. All welding is done with a computerized robotic welding system that ensures your unit will not have any weak spots (versus hand-welding – the predominant method).

The Cellerciser® springs attach to steel pins that are inserted into the frame (instead of directly to the frame) – causing the frame to last virtually forever. Legs do not screw on, but are spring-loaded so that you can easily pull and release to fold-down. Leg tips are constructed of polymer, which does not wear down like rubber. To date, a tip has never worn out on a Cellerciser®. The legs and frame are painted with an electro-plating finish. This finish is highly durable, highly weather resistent and keeps the paint on the unit where it belongs (every other brand we tested left paint chips on our floors!).

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