If Your Cellerciser Squeaks

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After you have used your Cellerciser for a while, you may notice that your springs may not be quite as quiet as they were when your Cellerciser was new. Fear not, you can easily get your Cellerciser to return to its virtually silent mode of operation. 

All you need to do is put a drop or two of oil on the spring right where the spring connects to the metal peg on the frame. You can use 3-in-1 household oil, WD-40, or if you prefer the more natural option, you can use vegetable oil. It only takes a drop or two to get the job done. There may be a little bit of black dust that gets washed out by the oil so you will want to put a paper towel or a rag under the metal peg to catch any oil that may drip through the hole in the spring. Keep in mind, you only need to oil the part of the tip of the spring where the spring connects to the metal peg on the frame. You do NOT need to oil the enter spring.  After you finish oiling the springs, bounce a few times on your Cellerciser to work the oil thoroughly around in the spring connection joint.

You may find that you need to oil the springs about twice per year or so depending on how much you use your Cellerciser. Your Cellerciser will happily bounce you for many years whether you decide to oil the springs or not. But a little oil will keep you bouncing quietly.

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