Increase Intensity With Dumbbells

Cellercising is already an amazingly effective form of exercise. You can take it one step further by adding some light weight dumbbells to your workout.  Anything from 1 to 3 lbs is appropriate. We use 2 lbs dumbbells for our advanced workouts. Using dumbbells can increase the intensity of a workout by up to 25%.

Cellercise with dumbellsFirst and foremost, it’s important to be safe with the dumbbells. Keep in mind that you are increasing the force of gravity by as much as 500% at the bottom of your bounce so you 2 pound dumbbells will feel like they are 10 pounds at the bottom of your bounce. Likewise, they will feel weightless at the top of the bounce.  Be very careful not to accidentally smack yourself with the dumbbells. Start out with small movements until you feel comfortable with the way the added weight effects your bounce and the movement of your arms.

As with all movements on the Cellerciser, try not to fall into the “natural” bounce rate of the springs. Focus on pushing the mat down rather than letting the mat bounce you up. Bounce faster than the springs would normally respond. When you exercise like this, your head is not bouncing up and down as much as it would if you just let the Cellerciser bounce you. Also remember to keep your abs tight. Try bouncing like this while holding onto your dumbbells.

Once you begin to feel comfortable with the dumbbells, there are quite a few movements that you can do with the dumbbells. Try jogging with your palm facing the ceiling and focus on bringing your arms all the way back so that the dumbbell is behind you a little bit on the back swing then swing your hand up so that the dumbbell is just below shoulder level. Do not bring the dumbbell any hire than shoulder level on the forward swing. Also try this same movement with your palms facing each other (with your thumbs pointing toward the ceiling). These movements are great for your biceps and the front of your shoulders.

Another good movement that is surprisingly intense is to pretend that your dumbbells are the handles of a jump rope. Make tight circles off the sides of your hips like you were jumping rope while you move your feet as if they were jumping over an imaginary rope. With this exercise try to bounce faster than the natural rhythm of the springs on your Cellerciser. Focus on pressing the mat down rather than jumping up. Try getting your pace up to 125+ bounces per minute. Of course, the faster you bounce the faster you need to “spin the rope” and you will really feel this in your arms.

Shadow boxing is another good exercise to do on the Cellerciser and the intensity is really increased with the dumbbells. If you are just getting started with shadow boxing, try this pattern. Start with a steady bounce with your feet shoulder width apart and your left foot slightly in front of your right foot. Put both hands up like you are about to fight. Throw your right hand forward with a power punch allowing your right foot to come forward and your left foot to shift back. Keep bouncing and allow the rotation to occur while you are in the air. When you land, you are now rotated with your left foot slightly behind your right foot and your right foot forward. Immediately follow with a right jab. Then repeat this movement with a left power punch. Bring your left foot forward and move your right foot back. Rotate in the air so you land back in the position you were in when you started. Follow that up with a left jab. Make sure to keep your abs tight throughout this movement and always keep your shoulders directly above your hips to maintain your balance.

There are many other exercises you can do with the dumbbells. Be creative.  As always, be careful whenever you start any new exercises.

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I’ve been rebounding about a month and love it so far! My goal has been to rev up my lymph and immune systems; however, I am trying to get somewhat of a good workout for my legs as well. (For now I am happy with the free weights routine I do for upper body and will stay with that. Not on the rebounder).

Yesterday I did my regular bouncing throughout the day, holding a 1 lb dumbbell in each hand. Today my calves are very sore, which tells me I worked them. Can I use these dumbbells every time I bounce (throughout the day)? Not doing anything special with my arms, just holding them bent at my sides as if I were running, or just letting them hang. I am just concerned about doing this daily, without a “rest,” as you are supposed to do when performing weight baring exercise.

But 1 lb dumbbells? I realize that their weight is increased when using them on the rebounder, but still…considering I used to do calf raises holding 50 lbs of total weight, this seems very minor? I would love to be able to hold them each time though. I felt I got a better overall “workout.”

Thank you for any help!

You have to use your best judgement and not overwork yourself. Some other movements to consider when rebounding with dumbbells is to move your arms and hands like the dumbbells were the handles of a jump rope. Doing jumping jacks is another good movement as well. Shadow boxing or even just keeping your arms out like a T while bouncing is great for your shoulders. While your arms are out like a T move your hands from pointing out to the sides to pointing straight in front of you to get your shoulders at different angles. Be creative with how you use gravity to work your muscles. As always, be careful, listen to your body and don’t smack your face with your dumbbells. I know it may sound like a silly warning, but bouncing with anything in your hands takes a little getting used to so just be mindful of what you’re doing. Thanks and have a great day!

Thank you Lee!! I really only want to hold the dumbbells to work my legs more. I already do a full weight training (free weights) for upper and lower body…but I’d like to possibly just work my legs this way. So, moving my arms would work my arms more and i don’t really want to, since it may conflict with my “resting” phase after doing heavy weights, kwim? I hope that makes sense.

But since I typically do elliptical and high incline treadmill (walking but on 13-15% incline), that works my legs and butt. I’m planning to cut back and eventually stop doing those, and move to only the rebounding. So, I am hoping to be able to work the legs and butt that way, but not my arms or upper back/shoulders, etc. I mean I know those will still get “worked” on the rebounder, but not like I do with my heavier weights. I am very muscular all over and I don’t think I could really achieve quite as much as I like by the rebounder alone.

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate!!

Oh, and I don’t think your warning is silly at all. I can completely see me hitting myself in the face with the dumbbells. I mean I can see how easily that could happen if one is not aware.

I am sorry to be a pest, but I guess ultimately my question is can I just hold the dumbbells each I do this, each day. Or do I need to “rest” for 48 hours in between (and not use the dumbbells).

Keeping in mind I am only holding them and not doing upper body work.

Your calf muscles, and also your abs, recover really quickly and generally require less rest than your other, larger muscle groups. So again, I’d listen to my body and not over do anything, but generally you do not need to rest your calves for 48 hours between workouts.

Thank you so much Lee. I really appreciate your help and expertise.

Boy have my abs improved in the last month of rebounding! I completely stopped doing planks and any other ab work. No need.

Thanks again!

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