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I used several rebounders before I finally got my Cellerciser. The first rebounder I got was just a cheap rebounder from Dick’s. I think I paid about $50 for it. I really just wanted to see if I was going to enjoy rebounding before I invested in a more expensive rebounder. After about a month of using my cheap rebounder I decided it was time to upgrade. So I researched the Rebound Air, the Urban Rebounder, and a few other brands. Mostly because of price, I bought a Rebound Air half fold.

When I got it home I was happy with it at first. Then I started noticing that black paint chips were flaking off every time I folded/unfolded the rebounder. I wasn’t happy about that but whatever. Then after about a month of exercising on it for about 30 minutes 3x per week I began to notice that the mat sort of felt uneven – like it was squishier in some places than others. I also began noticing that the insides of my knees were beginning to ache and were sore. So I began researching whether or not rebounding was safe for your knees. That’s when I noticed the videos about how the Cellerciser is safe for your knees while other rebounders may actually be dangerous for your knees and ankles specifically because other rebounders have stretchy mats. This sounded exactly like what I was experiencing with the my Rebound Air.

So I bought the half fold Cellerciser with the balance bar. I’ve had my Cellerciser now for about 3 months. Immediately upon stepping onto the Cellerciser for the first time I could instantly see the difference in the mat. Now my knees are totally pain free and the strongest they have ever been in my life. I’ve lost about 12 pounds and I love Cellercising! Unfortunately, I waisted money on cheapo rebounders before buying the Cellerciser. The return policy on my Rebound Air was so bad that by the time I paid for the return shipping and the restocking fee, I might as well just keep the rebounder. So, now I’ve got a Rebound Air folded up in the corner of my basement and I use my Cellerciser all the time. Hopefully this review will save some people some time and money. Just get a Cellerciser and start enjoying the benefits.

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