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I just got my Cellerciser delivered today. I believe I ordered it on the 10th and today is the 16th. I live in Georgia. I am sooooo happy!!! I first ran into something on the internet about mini-trampolines. I looked them up on Amazon and ended up ordering one of their rebounders for $51. It cost $30+ to have it shipped, so I ended up paying $88+ for it. Having surfed the internet I knew there were more expensive ones to purchase, but like Darlene above, I first needed to decide if I liked rebounding and if I thought I would keep up with it.

Trying rebounding out on my cheapo rebounder let me realize that this is the exercise I had been looking for my entire life. But I also was starting to have trouble with one of my knees and my lower back, sometimes. I’m a 67 yo great-grandmother with diabetes and high blood pressure and I weigh almost 250 lbs. I’d pretty much decided before I found out about rebounding that I was going to die within the next few years because I just couldn’t get on top of these diseases. But after bouncing on the cheapo rebounder, even for a few weeks I knew I wanted to invest in a good rebounder, because I could see certainly, that this piece of exercise equipment was going to change my life. It was at that time I started researching seriously the rebounders found on the internet. I began reading about ReboundAIR, then the Needak, and then I found the G-ForceHealth website. After reading about the Cellerciser there I started checking out the site and the videos that demonstrated people jumping on the different rebounders and picking the Cellerciser as their choice. I also purchased 3 different books. Everything I read and studied both on the internet and in the books and also some local people I talked to pointed to the Cellerciser

So, here I am at the beginning of my journey with my new Cellerciser. I can already feel the difference between my Cellerciser and the cheapo rebounder I had. It doesn’t hurt my back, and it doesn’t reinforce the pain in my knee. I’ve been jumping on it all afternoon, off and on, and everything is great. Jumping on my Cellerciser feels so much better than the one I had before, I have better foot control, and the bounce has more depth and it comes back to me quicker when I bounce.

My experience working with Lee at G-Force Health has been superb. He quickly answers my emails whenever I email a question and has been very helpful to me while I decided to purchase the Cellerciser. Feel free to work with the people at G-Force Health because they are wonderful folks to deal with, and they will see that your new Cellerciser gets to you quickly.

The Cellerciser Is The Perfect Exercise, Get Started Today