Cellercise The Ultimate Exercise Rebounding Workout DVD

David Hall shows you how to Cellercise and explains the benefits of his Cellercise program. Learn how to tone your body; improve balance, timing, dexterity, hand & eye coordination, strengthen muscles, and more in just 10 minutes a day.

We may not be able to avoid the aging process, but I really believe with the Cellercise Program we can avoid the symptoms of the aging process.

–David Hall

Included are his techniques for:

  • Weight loss (the “Jamba” run)
  • Knee, hip, back, and shoulder issues
  • Digestion/Elimination technique.
  • A natural facelift
  • Tightening/toning and targeting
  • Resistance movements and Cellercising® for muscle mass
  • Stress reduction and better sleep techniques
  • The new increased lung capacity exercise with lymphatic pump and increased oxygenation
  • And more…

The DVD contains the following five sections:

The Cellerciser Is The Perfect Exercise, Get Started Today