Cellercise is the perfect exercise.

This is not a typical rebounder.

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. All exercise works because of gravity. When you lift weights, you lift against gravity. Cellercise® simply harnesses gravity unlike any other form exercise. When you bounce up and down, you increase the pull of gravity on your body (G-force). Each and every cell feels this increase. Cells meet the demand of the increased weight and pressure by getting stronger, individually. This means a stronger you – stronger bones, muscles, organs, veins, connective tissue and skin.


Gain Strength & Lose Weight

Build strength: Cellercise® strengthens the body from the inside out – working every muscle in your body at once. Weight-training exercises and machines are geared toward targeting specific areas of the body. With Cellercise®, each time you land, every muscle in your body flexes. In fact, athletes use Cellercise to strengthen areas that are not challenged by weight training exercises. While you Cellercise, touch your arms, chest, and even your stomach – you’ll feel the muscles flexing. Each bounce builds a stronger muscle.

Melt fat and cellulite: Cellercise® is the most effective aerobic activity you will find. It burns more calories per hour than jogging, running, and regular aerobic exercise — without the impact and stress on your joints. This intense calorie burning alone will melt fat – but Cellercising® melts fat in the places you most want. You see, our muscular and skeletal system are usually well-proportioned. When our muscles are well-toned and we have no fat deposits to ruin the outline, the shape we see on the outside follows nicely along the pattern set for it by the frame on the inside. Cellercising® breaks up the fat deposits in those places that are difficult to challenge with traditional exercise. Cellercising® has an equally powerful effect on cellulite. Cellulite forms as waste builds up in connective tissues and hardens. When our cell waste removal system is working effectively (read below!) waste products are removed and cellulite disappears.

DeToxify Your Cells and Boost Your Immune System

cellsBounce Away Toxins: We live in world where we are bombarded with toxins – in the food we eat and the air we breathe. It’s said the average person has between 5-10 pounds of toxic buildup in their body.To stay healthy amidst so many toxins, we rely on our lymphatic system as our body’s main detoxification and filtration system. It assists in cleansing out toxins, bacteria, dead cells, infectious viruses, cancer cells and other unwanted cellular debris. When lymph isn’t free-flowing, cells exist in an environment of excess pollution or toxicity and begin to lose their functionality, causing the body to succumb to illness and degenerative disease.

The lymph is dependent on physical exercise to flow. Nothing stimulates the lymphatic system better than Cellercise®. Its alternating weightlessness with the use of gravity produces a pumping action, which then literally pumps the lymphatic fluid. The movement creates pressure changes in the body, breaks up blockages and causes millions of one-way valves to open and shut, activating an internal vacuum system to flush and drain away viruses, germs bacteria dead cells, fungus cell, cancerous cells and other foreign invaders. In this way the lymphatic environment, has been cleansed. Making it easier for the absorption of nutrients, water, and oxygen.

Boost Your Immune-Fighting Cells: A 1-minute sprint on the Cellerciser® boosts your white blood cell count by 10 to 15 times. Infection-fighting self-propelled T-cells respond to increased G-force by becoming 5 times more active. These immune cells are responsible for eating viruses, bacteria and even cancer cells, so we want them active. Cellercise® has been used by health professionals to improve immune function in those with autoimmune diseases, cancer and HIV/AIDs.

Reduce Stress and the Sags of Aging

Resist and Reduce Stress: Stress creates tension in our bodies; tension restricts circulation. Prolonged stress impairs body functions affecting circulation to to our brain, eyes, legs, arms, extremities and causes blockages in internal organs. The greater the stress, the more our immune and lymphatic systems weaken and the more susceptible we are to illness. Cellercising® not only improves the immune and lymphatic systems as described above, reducing the impact of stress, but it increases our resistance to stress as it stabilizes the nervous system – putting the body in a state of relaxation and rejuvenation that lasts long after Cellercising® has ended.

Skip Surgery: It’s inevitable – we age and our skin reveals it. Cellercise® increases circulation to your skin and rids it of impurities. As you bounce, your skin is gently massaged – skin cells are strengthened and toned and fatty deposits that cause skin to sag disappear. Skin is tighter, firmer and has new life and color. Cellercise® is effective in firming all sagging skin – but especially noticeable in the face, neck, chin and breasts.

The Cellerciser Is The Perfect Exercise, Get Started Today